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The 4002 Phase-Gain Detector module is a perfect complement to all our Dual Frequency Synthesizer modules and ideal for many experimental RF applications.

Enhances the performance of the AD8302 base core.


  • RF power control
  • Reflected power monitoring
  • Log ratio measurements
  • Impedance measurements
  • Phase matching
  • Phase detecting
  • RF Mixer (use with 5008 or 5009 to provide low frequency output from dc - 2MHz)
  •  Frequency comparison down to 0Hz

Small size and low power consumption makes 4002 suitable for installation in any setup.

Requires 3.6V to 9V at 20 mA

4002 Phase-Gain Detector Module


  •   Compact, fully enclosed, EMI shielded
  •   50Ω matched RF input ports
  •   SMA connectors on RF inputs and detector outputs

      3.6V to 9V dc input with reverse polarity protection


      $225 plus shipping

Downloads and Links

 4002 Data Sheet

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