Valon Technology 5015/19 Downloads




If you are already using the 5015 or 5019 you will want to check here for updates and download the latest version of the .bin file.  We also list any bugs we know about and invite your feedback. 


5015 Quickstart.pdf is always a good place to start.


Valon 5015-5019 Operations Manual 5015 Synthesizer complete operations manual including specification, commands, and additional mechanical and electrical information.



Terminal Program 5000term.exe (unzip) is our terminal program for sending commands to the synthesizer if you don't have or want to use our GUI.  Other terminal programs such as Tera Term and PuTTy will also work well.   To launch 5000term.exe just open a DOS command window and type: "5000term".  You should see a connection message "Using 9600 baud".  Type: "help" to get the list of available commands.


Use 5000term.exe to also update your synthesizer with new firmware version *.bin files as they become available.  To update your synthesizer, follow these simple instructions:


1.    If you haven't already done so, download and unzip the file to create the 5000term.exe.  You may have to turn off your computer security momentarily as most anti-virus protection programs will delete .exe files. 

2.    Request the .bin file (from the link below) and place it in the same subdirectory that you have the 5009term.exe program.

3.    Open a DOS window to run 5000term followed by a single space and then the name of the .bin file exactly as shown in this example.   Example:  c:\files\Valon\5000term 5015_20160520.bin

4.    Now type: "CNTL-L" to load the new firmware.  You will immediately see the loading progress in the DOS window.



5.    You will then be able to type:"STATus" to see the new firmware version and type "help" to see the list of available commands. 




Firmware Updates


From time to time, a new firmware release will become available to enhance the performance of the 5015-5019 or fix a bug. 

The Most current release is: 20210415 version 1.1a, use the STAT command to display your firmware version.


1.1a applies only to 5019 synthesizers and extends the operating frequency from a maximum of 19GHz to now a maximum of 20GHz.


1.0y is a minor update that improves power regulator efficiency when operating in power down at dc input voltages above 10V.


It is not always necessary to update the FW or to stay current if you are satisfied with the 5015-5019 performance in your application.  If you are experiencing any problem with your synthesizer then you should check to see if have the current firmware revision.  The latest version can be downloaded by clicking this link: Bin file


Use the 5000term.exe application to update your synthesizer with the new bin file. The bin file is password protected.  Request a password from: latest FW update request




Configuration Manager GUI files Located here:

Download the latest configuration manager GUI to stay current with new synthesizers with updated firmware. 5015/19 Configuration Manager GUI released 2020 07 11.


Extracting the zip file will create a folder that contains the Configuration Manager executable (V5015CM.exe) along with the Help file (V5015CM.chm). 




USB Driver


USB Driver  We use the FTDI interface device to support USB.  You may need a driver and can go to the FTDI site and download the VCP driver or just click on our link here.


LabVIEW Resources


5015 LabVIEW Drivers

A complete set of LabVIEW source files is available for LabVIEW version 2019 and 2014 are located here. 



Python Resources






















This zip file contains a set of files to help you get started in running a 5015/19 using Python2.7 on any Linux platform or Raspberry Pi B+ running Raspbian.