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Engineering Services

Examples of What We Can Do

  • RF Signal processing and frequency transaction.
  • High power RF amplifier design.
  • Microwave antenna development.
  • Phase noise characterization, precision timing, Allan variance measurements, frequency stability and settling.
  • Design support for packaging, shielding and isolation.
  • Radio modules* for airborne applications.    
  • RFI and self-interference mitigation.
  • Short range radio products.
  • Software defined radio front end development.
  • Specialized RF communications for industrial, transportation and mining applications.
  • EMC investigation, engineering support and mitigation.
  • FCC Part 15 engineering support.
  • Cable modem head-end and CPE RF engineering.
  • Wireless meters for smart grid technology
  • Expert Witness

Test Equipment Repair Do you have legacy test equipment that you must maintain but has now been obsoleted by the vendor?   We've repaired a number of unsupported RF and microwave instruments.  For some customers we have redesigned and built new circuit boards because critical proprietary replacement components were no longer available.

Our engineering service is characterized by our unique ability to not only provide conceptual as well as detailed circuit design and simulation, but also do our own printed circuit board layouts. This is a significant advantage for circuit geometry critical RF designs. This saves our customers money and time.  We can also provide board fabrication, parts kitting, and assembly services. Through our alliances with mechanical and industrial designers, we can also provide housings, shields, and enclosures to meet your specific final product needs.

Valon Technology is primarily a design engineering company. Our core business is design and development of RF and wireless products for our clients. However, there are times when other related services are of value to our customers. Here are some specific areas in which we may be able to help you:

System engineering This means a lot of different things to different people but to us it means making sure your product will meet the intended purpose. That means module requirements specifications that work with the top-level system specifications. In too big a hurry to consider these issues? We can do it for you using our standard methods. Sometimes the biggest help we are to our clients is just helping them understand what they need and want.

Test and Measure  Having a full range of RF test equipment and a background in metrology, we can provide a wide range of testing capabilities. Consider using our service for system characterization, failure analysis, reverse engineering, performance testing, and design optimization. We can also provide custom test fixtures and S-Parameters to 20GHz.

Schematic capture and PCB layout  Our extensive symbol and part libraries allow us to develop board layouts and Gerber files quickly and competitively with board layout houses that do not offer RF engineering or quality schematic capture capabilities.

Expert Witness  Stuart Rumley has experience as both a consulting and testifying expert witness in product patent infringement cases. Having a background in RF and wireless design together with a metrology engineering background makes Stuart and excellent expert witness in patent infringement cases.

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“As a hardware design and product development company we do a lot of prototyping. We also do a lot of simulation using software programs. However, I can tell you from experience that a couple of hours in the lab with real hardware is more telling than a lot of simulation.  Hardware prototyping can also help the simulation by pointing out areas of the design that can be optimized or tweaked a bit.  That way you're not spending a lot of time simulating areas of the design unnecessarily.”