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1410MHz to 1440MHz input

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2100 Downconverter for the 21 cm Band

Valon Technology designs and manufacturers low cost, reliable radio frequency products such as RF Synthesizer modules, RF Frequency Dividers, Down Converters, and Phase Gain Detectors.  Our products are used by a wide variety of institutions throughout the world - military/defense, test engineering, radio astronomy, research centers and universities.

Our products page shows our most popular RF products. If there is something you need, don't hesitate to ask us. We may have it in stock or can make one up to your specifications.

All our synthesizers contain two independent sources phased-locked to the same internal or external reference. These microprocessor controlled synthesizers utilize flash-based, non-volatile memory to maintain user settings on power down.

All our products are designed and manufactured in Northern California.

Valon RF Products

3008 Universal Frequency Divider and Clock Source

Pre-scaler for any source.

Extend frequency down to 5MHz.

Programmable frequency divider.

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4002 Phase-Gain Detector Module

5009 Dual Frequency Synthesizer Module

23MHz - 6000MHz

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List Mode Selector Switch & Cable Assembly

PSV6-1 - Power Supply Kit  

Power Supply Cable, 12” dc   

MKT-1 Mounting Kit  

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3010 Programmable Frequency Divider

5MHz to 2GHz Input

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137.5MHz - 4400MHz

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Not Suitable for New Designs


5008 Dual Frequency Synthesizer Module



Battery Supply & Charger

Works with all Valon RF Products.

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Valon “Conflict Materials” Statement

Valon Technology, LLC is committed to conduct its business in an ethical and principled manner. As such, it recognizes its responsibility to respect human rights and not contribute to conflict. The Conflict Minerals Rule requires companies to report annually the presence of conflict minerals (tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold, or “3TG”) originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries (“Covered Countries”). Valon also requires 3TG suppliers to source their materials from smelters whose practices are validated by 3rd party auditors.

While we do not source these metals directly, we are committed to working with our suppliers to responsibly source the materials and components we use in manufacturing our products.