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Clients -

Valon Technology is primarily an engineering design company. Our core business competency is focused on radio frequency products, systems and equipment design. In the many years we have been in this business, we have provided services to a vast array of customers.  Listed below is just a sample of a few.


TV White Space high dynamic range, frequency agile transceivers.

Developed RF front end including LNAs and high dynamic PAs. Patents


RF Cable testing to 20GHz.

Bianca Med

10GHz microwave local oscillators for low-cost, high volume medical products.

Acquired by ResMed


Multi-tone microwave synthesizer and pulse modulator system product design and prototype manufacturing.

Crocus Technology

High frequency test fixtures and circuit design for advanced magnetic junction devices.

Patents pending.


Provided RF test engineering, planning and field test equipment design.


Cable system head-end circuit design and optimization

Gray Cary (now part of DLA Piper)

Expert Witness Microtune v. Broadcom, including forensic laboratory investigation of system architecture and underlying circuits.

Grid Net, Inc.

WiMax automatic meter reading and infrastructure transceiver design.


Bluetooth antenna propagation analysis. Mobile wireless test support device development.

Itron Corp

Wireless automatic meter reading hand-held, mobile, and base station transceiver design.

L3 Randtron Division

Multiport corporate feed network simulation and design for phase array radar system


Developed RF front-end and analog signal processing for multiple wireless imaging devices.

NavCom Technology (John Deere)

Developed numerious short-range radar devices for ground speed and collision avoidance systems. Engineering support for manufacturing test of GPS products.

Pempek Sytems

High voltage power-line-carrier transceiver and power amplifier design for deep mining equipment.

Radar (Radar Golf)

Wireless product design for sports equipment.

Slice Energy

Wireless network node equipment design and prototype manufacturing.

Silverprings Networks

Wireless Smart Utility Meters

Tagent Corporation

RFID Reader and test equipment design.

Toshiba America Electronic Components

GSM/DCS mobile phone reference designs and R&D test fixtures.

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