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LMS-1 List Mode Selector Switch and Cable Assembly

The 5009 List Mode preset frequencies are selected using the 5009 USER PORT and any 5-bit switch contact closure.  The 5009 USER port has a weak pull-up current of 80ua to 3.3V.  Alternatively, 3.3V TTL digital logic signals may also be used to control the List Mode at the USER PORT .

You can make your own interface to these control lines using the information provided in the 5009 Operations Manual or you can purchase our List Mode Selector Switch and Cable assembly shown below.  S1 is LSB, S5 is MSB.

The selector switch mounts with four 3/8" #4-40 standoffs and measures 1.5"x 1.10".  The four 0.125" mounting holes are all 0.120" from any adjacent board edge. The supplied cable is 12" long.  

List Mode Selector switch and cable asembly $49                           Cable assembly only $12

Accessories for 3010 Programmable Frequency Divider

MKT-2 Mounting Kit

Kit includes:

#4-40 x 5/16” mounting screws

#4-40 x 7/16” mounting screws


$4.00 per kit

TTL-1 Cable Kit

10-position TTL output cable assembly

(Color combinations may vary from photo)


Picture Coming


20” dc Power Supply Cable

 $6 per set

MKT-1 Mounting Kit

For mounting the 3008 Universal Frequency Divider board. Small pattern screws and standoffs provide required clearances.  

8ea.  2-56 x 3/16" stainless cap head socket bolts*

4ea.  3/16" dia. x 1/4" length threaded aluminum spacers

(*requires 5/64" Allen hex driver not included)

$9.00 per kit

Don't have a power supply for your Valon product?  

Don't want to tie up a bench supply?  

This compact 6Vdc, 1Amp power supply is just the solution for conveniently powering any Valon Technology product including our 3008, 3010, 4002, 5008, and 5009.  The kit includes a power supply module and a 2.1mm power jack to screw-terminal adapter.  

Just connect your Valon 2-pin Hirose power cable pig-tails to the screw terminals.  You will need a small screw driver and maybe a wire stripper.  Need another Valon-Hirose power cable?  Just order our 20” dc Power Supply Cable for $6.

Power supply:

100~240Vac 50/60Hz input.  6Vdc @ 1.25A max.  2.1mm power plug. North America only.

Power Jack adapter:

2.1mm power jack to screw-clamping yokes. Can accept wire gauge 12-30  so you know the #24 Valon cable will fit.  Terminal spacing is 0.200".  

$19 per kit

PS6V-1 Power Supply Kit


UPS6V-2 Battery Supply and Charger

  • Output: 6.0V±50mV at 1.25A.  

Can supply two 5009s simultaneously.

  • Input: 4.5V to 6.5 volt for charging.  

Run from 6.0Vdc supply and use for back-up power.

  • Replaceable 2000mAh LiPo battery.  

Can run one 5009 for two hours with both outputs on.

  • Same size and mounting as 5008 and 5009 for convenient stacking options.
  • Works with all Valon RF products.
  • All cables and lithium ion polymer battery are included