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Graphic User Interface (GUI) is now available!


Valon 5009

Valon 5008

Number of Sources



Maximum Frequency



Minimum Frequency



Maximum Output Power

 +15dBm (3GHz)

 9dBm (3GHz)

Output Power Control

Four power levels ~ 3dB steps

Four power levels ~3dB steps

Internal Reference

20.000MHz ±2ppm

10.00MHz ±2ppm

External Reference

10MHz – 200MHz

5MHz – 105MHz


0-31.5dB in 0.5dB steps


Com Port

1 USB plus 1 TTL



Text commands or GUI

GUI only

Firmware Upgrade

Downloadable from website

RMA to factory

Valon 5009 versus Valon 5008

Many of our early 5009 adopters have been quite satisfied with our command based programming using the terminal program.  But the GUI makes it much easier to navigate through all the 5009's useful features.


Download the GUI for free and check it out.  You don’t need to have a synthesizer connected to explore all the features.

5009 Dual Frequency Synthesizer Module

  • Frequency Range:  23MHz - 6000MHz

  • Two independent sources phase-locked to the same internal or external reference.

  • USB and TLL Serial Interface.

  • Intuitive GUI or simple ASCI command from any terminal program.

  • Flash-based, non-volatile memory

  • Includes 20” dc power supply cable

   $599 plus shipping   


The Valon 5009 Dual Frequency Synthesizer module is our latest offering in high frequency synthesizer sources.  These frequency synthesizers are perfect in applications that require a spectrally pure and highly stable signal source or timing clock.  Our synthesizers have replaced laboratory generators costing many times more in a number of applications.  Each module actually contains two independent sources locked to the same internal or external frequency reference or standard.  Having two phase coherent sources in the same convenient package opens up a wide variety of test applications and solutions

The Valon 5009 frequency range is 23MHz to 6000MHz.  The output power is increased to +15dBm and can be adjusted in 0.5dB steps with 31.5dB step attenuator.   

  • Extended frequency operation from 23MHz to 6000MHz
  • 31.5dB of attenuation control
  • Output power up to +13dBm minimum, 15dBm typical
  • Simple human readable command based interface with menu.  Use any terminal program.
  • USB or TTL serial interface.  TTL interface allows simple user hardware integration.
  • Overvoltage protection as well as under voltage reset
  • ±2ppm analog TCXO, external reference input 10 – 200 MHz.
  • FLASH based non-volatile memory.

Need a 6Vdc Power Supply?

Check out our PS6V-1 Power Supply Kit or

UPS6V-2 Battery Supply and Charger in our Accessories page.

New in the 5009 is an ARM 32-bit Cortextm  M3 processor.  The synthesizer can now be command-line driven and any terminal program can be used to control the synthesizers.  Simple human readable text commands can be used to set all the functions.  The GUI is still be available as a free download but it is not essential to the operation of the synthesizer.  The embedded firmware upgrades and new features will be downloadable from our website as they become available.

There is also an additional TTL serial port that allows for direct machine-to-machine hardware interfacing; bypassing the USB port altogether. You can connect the 5009 using the TTL port directly to your embedded controller without the need for any USB drivers.

  • Sweep mode  - The 5009 is capable of fast sweep modes.  The user simply sets the start and stop points, number of steps, and the sweep rate.  Sweep can be triggered by a command through either serial port or an external hardware trigger input.  Single sweep and continuous sweep modes are selectable.  Sweep progress can be monitored by the sweep step pulse and sweep enabled hardware signals.

  • List mode - A new “List” mode is included.  List mode is similar to having radio-button presets.  You can save up to 16 synthesizer frequency configurations which can be recalled using logic signals on the convenient user port.  After you set and save your frequencies in list mode you no longer need a controller or computer to select any of the presets specified in List mode.

Firmware updates

All new updates can easily be loaded onto the synthesizer through the serial port using our code loader software.  You will never need to return the synthesizer for firmware upgrades or changes.

All our products are designed and manufactured in California.

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5009 Downloads and Links


- Quick Start Guide

- Operations Manual

- Terminal Program

- Bin Files

- Graphic User Interface (GUI)

- USB Driver

- Python GUI

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