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5008 Dual Frequency Synthesizer Module

The Valon 5008 Dual Frequency Synthesizer module provides two independent frequency sources suitable for high quality clock, carrier, or local oscillator frequency generation applications. The unique feature of our synthesizers is our microprocessor controller with FLASH memory that lets you retain your frequency setting after power down. This makes these synthesizers ideal for portable equipment or in any application where user programmable and non-volatile frequency settings are desirable.

The USB serial interface and our intuitive user configuration software allow the user to program the desired operating frequency of each synthesizer and save to the on-board FLASH memory. The synthesizer will then power up using the FLASH memory to reload the last saved frequencies.

Either output can be independently set to any frequency in the 138-4400MHz range. The synthesizer can be used with the on-board TCXO or an external reference.

  • Frequency Range: 137.5 - 4400MHz
  • Flash based non-volatile memory
  • Two independent sources
  • Fully Enclosed
  • Enhanced isolation
  • Protected against EMI
  • Integrated USB port
  • Includes 20” dc cable plus USB cable

     Not suitable for new designs.



5008 Downloads and Links


-Configuration Manager 1.6.1

-Quick Start Guide

-User’s Guide & Software

-USB Drive Download

-Phase Noise and Jitter

5008 Data Sheet

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